On September 16, 2010, nine fabulous ladies took a step onto the stage, ready and willing to start their amazing story. Even though they have faced many hardships and obstacles, they have leaned on one another for motivation and strength. Through the many weeks of endless laughter, spontaneous adventures, redundant and hilarious jokes, countless tears, awkward conversations, and courageous car rides, each and every member of Zeta Class has overcome personal struggles to grow into the beautiful young women that they are today. Starring K Gnarley, Pow Wow, Chatterbox, Russel, Soldier, Babycakes, ShellBells, Kitty, and Closet Freak, the story began…

    Each sister, individual epitome of the ultimate Tau Theta Pi woman, is an important and unique puzzle piece that is necessary to compose the bigger masterpiece. We, Zeta Class, will bring nine more pieces to this final picture, extending and living out the ideals that sisters have taught us. Taus is a lifestyle we choose to live for the lessons we have learned, the growths we have experienced, our patient sisters to be, and for each other.

And so it is… Our story to be continued.

Class Facts:

  • New Member Educator: Cady Perez (A)
  • Class Name: The Wild Things
  • Sisters: 9
  • Class Song: N/A
  • Class Quote: "Believe. Unite. Conquer."