In the Fall of 2015, ten distinctive individuals came together and decided to take the same journey towards discovering a forever sisterhood. The journey ahead of them was not easy; it took compassion, endurance, and power to get through. Together, Female, Big T, Oreo, dontMESSa, Bfab, Shotgun, K.O., Skitz, Chex, and Lilo encountered obstacles and dead ends. However, they were able to discover and create new parts about themselves individually and as a class. Although at one point they hit rock bottom, from there on they learned to accept and help each other grow. Tears, laughter, sweat, and smiles were encountered in everyone in all that was done. Everything that happened was a new memory to be taken in. The dimes made the impossible possible. Sisterhood has its flaws and faults but the ladies of Xi Class accepted it. Each flaw is what makes up the genuine nature of everything that has happened to them. This class is a fire, bowing to no one.

Class Facts:

  • New Member Educator: Dalena Huynh (Z)
  • Sisters: 10
  • Class Name:  Dimes
  • Class Song: I Like Tuh - Carnage
  • Class Quote: N/A