In the Fall of 2014, eight unique, individual women decided to take the same journey towards creating an everlasting sisterhood. This journey was no doubt a difficult one, however, Hapa, Salty, Caillou, Mooch, Twigs, H-cap, Blondie, and Guns worked together to create the perfect sisterhood that they all strived for. Together, they overcame the numerous hardships and obstacles they encountered along the way. Through the many tears, laughter, and joy they shared together, they continued to lean on each other for support. From late night pow wow sessions, to boba runs, to crashing at each other’s apartments, and sharing 80’s, there was never a dull moment throughout their experience. This adventure created 8 strong women who now recognize their own and each other’s capabilities. The bond that they built was not one easily formed, but it undeniably is one that will last a lifetime.

Class Facts:

  • New Member Educator: Nicole Parvishahi (B)
  • Sisters: 8
  • Class Name: Mu-skeeters
  • Class Song: Bon Jovi- Livin' on a prayer
  • Class Quote: "Never give up, never surrender, and always stay committed to excellence."