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In the fall of 2017, seven young, strong, and diverse women came together unaware of the journey that would no doubt change their lives for the better. Through the highs and lows, Sigma Class of Gamma Chapter finally learned what it meant to be one class, one sisterhood. As a class they all had their ups and downs, trials and tribulations but with the amount of passion, courage, and perseverance that they each had within themselves, they were able to conquer all that. Regardless of the bad luck with our cars, late night food runs, last minute shopping sprees, and countless savage jokes, their class learned to love and accept each other for all the perfect imperfections and vibrant personalities each have brought to the table. While they had no clue exactly how great of an adventure they were about to embark on, those seven women made the most of every minute and made memories that will forever bond them in the most unique ways as well as give Sigma Class the best gift of all: a genuine sisterhood. Even though they were unsure of what they had gotten themselves into at the beginning, they were at least confident that by the end of their journey they would each have six women by their side that they could call sisters forever. We are sisters not by blood, but by heart.

Class Facts:

  • New Member Educator: Christine Tong (Δ)

  • Sisters: 7

  • Class name: Savage Sigmas

  • Class song: Cascada-Everytime We Touch

  • Class quote: “Our dreams are just wishes if we never follow them through with action. And in life you have got to be able to light your own fire.”