The fall of 2008 was a definite time for change as eleven complete strangers came together accepting each other's differences and grew compatible with one another as they developed a supportive relationship. The diversity ranged from preppy to gangster, and from jock to runway model material. Before they knew it, they had all influenced each other in numerous ways, including: interest in music, food and emphasis on words while speaking. Random moments consisted of mocking each other dance moves, falling out of a SUV, getting chased by security in Los Angeles, and rushing for craft materials at Walmart. Each adventure throughout the process built lasting memories to be cherised forever. The class became leaders and helped one another to strive for the best. Beta Class of Gamma Chapter encompass of: Twiggy, Ruuude, Bon Qui Qui, Fubreezy, Dimples, White Girl, Dori, Tourettes, South Central, Jock, and Thug. Together they created an indescribable history.

Class Facts:

  • New Member Educator: Cheryl Ann Asico (F)
  • Class Name: Hoochies
  • Sisters: 11
  • Class Song: Jackson 5 - ABC   
  • Class Quote: N/A