There are many different greek organizations out there for women to join, but what's amazing about Tau Theta Pi is that all of our sisters come from different walks of life and it is the combination of those experiences that makes us unique. However, do not let our differences fool you because while we are each special in our own right, it is our love for Taus that always unites us. We are always here to support one another, to have someone to vent to no matter what time it is, to be able to call someone for a ride when the car breaks down, or even to do something completely spontaneous like hunting down taco trucks. While we are a social organization, we also pride ourselves on our academics and philanthropical ventures. We are always eager to help one another whether it is by being a study buddy to a sister with an upcoming test or gathering a group together for a trip to the local food bank. Taus also focus on team building and promote leadership within each sister by ensuring that all members have an opportunity to take the reigns, helping us all become more confident in ourselves as individuals. Tau Theta Pi is not just a college organization, it is a feeling that is meant to be experienced and one that we take with us long after we leave the world of academia. It is for this reason that we recognize "from the outside you can't understand it, from the inside we can't explain it."


Recognized by Tau Theta Pi National Board as Gamma Colony on December 3, 2006.

First recognized by CSUF's Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) on January 15, 2008.

Granted chapter status within the Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) on April 23, 2009.