In the spring of 2015, four unique women came together with the desire to be a part of the genuine sisterhood of Tau Theta Pi. Unsure of what to expect, they embarked on an incredible journey that would teach them about the true meaning of sisterhood. During this journey, Flash, Geo, Baba, and Hazard learned many things not only about themselves, but about each other, which pushed them to grow as individuals and as a class. At first, their differences were their downfall, but with time, they came to love and accept one another despite all their flaws. The struggles that they experienced made them stronger, and the memories that they made will last a lifetime. Through many sacrifices and dysfunctions, they came together to be the DYSFUNCTIO-NU-L-4. These women stand united, and they know that wherever they turn, they will have someone to count on.

Class Facts:

  • New Member Educator: Nicole Parvishahi (B)
  • Sisters: 4
  • Class Name:  DYSFUNCTIO-NU-L 4
  • Class Song: Love – Keyshia Cole
  • Class Quote: “If you ever feel that you’ve lost the light remember the passion that sparked your journey.”