In the fall of 2012, eight novel young ladies walked aboard a ship that would send them on the voyage of a lifetime. Although, their journey was difficult to understand at first, through all of their series of unfortunate events, it became an exhilarating adventure. Stitch, Rad, Pumpkin, Waldo, Cubs, X, Pocahontas and Mac came together encountering many adversities, but together, they could not be defeated. They have each grown individually, but ironically, together as a sisterhood. Through the many weeks of endless inside jokes, long car rides, breakdown scenes, singing to every song on the radio, and even the “kitty litter” predicament, all of these moments have allowed us to find ourselves by working with one another. This lengthy yet rewarding journey not only formed 8 beautiful diamonds, but found an everlasting sisterhood that is forever treasured, no matter where we venture off to in life, we will always have our sisterhood as an anchor to help find our way back home.

Class Facts:

  • New Member Educator: Lizette Mendoza-Hurtado (A)
  • Class Name: Novelties
  • Sisters: 8
  • Class Song: Adorn - Miguel
  • Class Quote: "Veni, vidi, vici" and "Sisterhood is forever."