The “Tasties” of Epsilon Class took the opportunity of a lifetime in the Spring of 2010 as they ventured out through many trials and tribulations that challenged them to grow into strong independent women. They started out as strangers with different interests, but soon realized that those differences are what made their class unique and flavorful. Many started, but in the end 5 beautiful, strong, and passionate women took the risk and finished a long worthwhile journey that gave them more than they ever expected; sisterhood. The sisters include: Gandhi,  Squeakers, MamaCita, SBD, and Uh-Oh who will forever be part of each others lives. They are determined to uphold the values and ideals set forth by Tau Theta Pi and always “Give It Back”.

Class Facts:

  • New Member Educator: Angela Cortes (F)
  • Class Name: Tasties
  • Sisters: 5
  • Class Song: Club Can't Handle Me Right Now - Flo Rida
  • Class Quote: "Be Resilient."