What is Tau Theta Pi?


Tau Theta Pi is an academic, social, and philanthropic sorority that does not tie itself to one cause or purpose because we believe that being a well-rounded individual is essential to being a woman of character and strength. Prior to knowing about Tau Theta Pi, the vast majority of us did not want to join a sorority. However, the genuine sisterhood does not follow the mold of stereotypical sororities, and thus, the appeal stems from the idea that there is no single “type” of girl that represents a sister of Tau Theta Pi.

We are a multi-cultural sorority. Tau Theta Pi harbors arguably the most diverse group of women in any sorority. Although many sisters come from Chinese, Hispanic, Indian, Caucasian, Filipino, African American, Vietnamese, Korean, and French decent, the diversity stems beyond our ethnic backgrounds. Majors range from Business to Architecture to Journalism to Engineering, and activities from Program Board to UNICEF. The fusion of our individual interests and personalities creates a synergy that enhances the strength of our sisterhood and the development of each individual sister. 

Mission Statement

It is the ardent desire of the honorable women of Tau Theta Pi to form and maintain a genuine sisterhood that exemplifies moral excellence, strength, versatility, and open-mindedness. As an organization rooted in strength through diversity, it is our goal to unify women of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We hope to accomplish this goal by means of promoting academic achievement, active involvement in the community, and the forging of the tightly knit bond between sisters. It is also our hope to foster personal growth by making lasting impressions in our community, at school, within our organization and within ourselves, ultimately enriching the college experience.



Established: November 24, 1998

Colors: White, Red, and Navy

Mascot: Ladybug

Gamma Chapter History

In the spring of 2006, 11 young women came together recognizing the need for a new women's organization at California State University, Fullerton. They aimed to establish an organization that would promote academic achievement, social improvement, and a sisterhood where individuality would remain uncompromised. On December 3, 2006, those 11 women came one step closer to their goal as they crossed into Tau Theta Pi as the Founding Class of the Gamma Colony. Although their sorority officially recognized them, they had yet to be acknowledged by the university they sought to improve. After several trials and defeats, the Founding Class never lost their passion or their courage of conviction. Finally, on January 15, 2008, the university accepted the sisters of Tau Theta Pi into the Multicultural Greek Council. This date honors the culmination of nearly two years of perseverance, dedicated to sharing the true essence of sisterhood, defined by each sister of Tau Theta Pi.